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DO YOU THINK YOU MAY BE ENTITLED TO FSM? IF SO SEE USEFUL INFORMATION FOR DETAILS. Wed 12th Dec: Y3 & Y4 Christmas Crafts/Christmas Library Open Session. Thurs 13th Dec: Y2/Y5/Y6 Christmas Crafts/Class 5D Cycle Training. Fri 14th Dec: Lower KS2 Christmas Production. Tues 18th Dec: Christmas Lunch/Upper KS2 Christmas Production. Wed 19th Dec: Christmas Service at Holy Redeemer (9.40am - KPM, 1G, 2N, 3H, 4B, 5HB, 6S 10.40am - KPH, 1LB, 2DI, 3M, 4KC, 5D, 6T)/School Choir Singing at Armana House. Thurs 20th Dec: Y1 & Y2 Christmas Party/Children break for Christmas. Fri 21st Dec: Inset Day. Mon 7th Jan: Inset Day. Tues 8th Jan: Children Return to School.


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