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DO YOU THINK YOU MAY BE ENTITLED TO FSM? IF SO SEE USEFUL INFORMATION FOR DETAILS. Tues 16th Apr: National Offer Day for Primary School Admissions. Mon 29th Apr: Children Return to School/Judo Taster Day. Tues 30th Apr: Judo Taster Day. Mon 1st May: EY Mini First Aid Course. Thurs 2nd May: Blossom Dental Visit to EY, Y1, Y2, Y3/Last Swimming Lesson for Class 3H. Mon 6th May: Bank Holiday. Thurs 9th May: First Swimming Lesson for Class 3M. W/C Mon 13th May: KS2 SATs Week. Mon 20th May: 5 Year Old Dental Survey/NSPCC Assembly & Workshop. Thurs 21st May: Brownlee Foundation Triathlon.


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