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Human, Social and Environment

The Human, Social and Environment Team


Welcome to the Human, Social and Environment Team! We are looking forward to bringing you lots of exciting developments and initiatives which will have a lasting impact on learning and achievement. 


Meet the Team!


Natalie Hoyland Y5 ( History Co-ordinator)

Anna Bannister Y5 (Geography Co-ordinator)

Sarah Brown Y3 (R.E Co-ordinator) 

Michelle Whittaker   Early Years ( Maths Co-ordinator)


Our Aims


Over the coming terms, we are hoping to develop lots of exciting opportunities through our humanities subjects. In doing so, we are hoping to develop our multi-cultural understanding and knowledge and so further develop understanding of ourselves and the world around us. 


What's Next? 


Keep checking back for further up dates. 


We hope to keep posting videos, photos and links on this page. 

What did YOU do in August? Take a look at the powerpoint presentation and compare what happened all over the world to your summer!