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Spring Term

Design Technology in School


In Early Years the children have continued with their model making as their learning is child-led. Children have been making models like Chinese dragons and Chinese lanterns to coincide with achinese

Year 1

This term Year 1 have designed and made their own shoe box cars focusing on the function of wheels. This has related very well to their class text The Naughty Bus. They decorated their shoe boxes using paint, to look like cars and then carefully added wheels using an axel.

Year 2

With their class text being Handa’s Surprise, they sketched real fruit and then designed and made their very own fruit bowls. Once they had glued newspaper on their balloon template and left it to dry, they then painted some excellent fruit designs onto the bowl. 

Year 3

After their fantastic trip to Wagamamas (making the whole school jealous), then zchildren took what they had learnt on their cooking workshop and made healthy pasta salads. The whole school smelt delicious and there were lots of full tummies afterwards! This half term they are making a volcano eruption alarm, linking to their topic of volcanoes and their DT objectives of including circuits with a switch.

Year 4

Creative homework has included a build-your-own-Titanic, which has seen the famous ship made out of cardboard, straws and even Lego! In class they have been designing their own bag which links to their Titanic topic and will carry their belongings onto the Titanic with them. The children have practised their sewing skills (running, back and cross stitches) stitching their initials onto the front of their bag before sewing the sides. 

Year 5

This year group have been saviours this term as they have designed and made their own teacher pleasers, with many useful functions to make the life of a teacher a lot easier (we are hoping they will hit shops soon.) Linking to their topic of space and Tim Peake there have also been some fantastic creative homework projects including built solar systems and rockets - some even light up!

Year 6

This term they have been lucky to have an architect in to help them create their own scale drawings of buildings and there have been some superb dragon sculptures. In particular, the dragon wings were made of out pieces of umbrella to give them that rigid, stiff, shape. A personal school favourite, their creative homework project has seen some fantastic Mayan temples built out of cardboard, mine craft blocks (built online with an instructional video!) cake and even marshmallows! Who says design technology can’t be delicious?