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Understanding the Arts

Welcome to The Arts


We are 'The Arts' curriculum team and we are looking forward to working

on new initiatives which will have a lasting impact on the learning and achievement of all children for subjects in The Arts

(Music, Art and Dance).


Who are we?


Sam Dykes (Art Coordinator)

Sally Firth (Music Coordinator)


You may remember...

Our first project last year was focused around artistic responses to the BBC Ten Pieces.  The overall result was an exhibition showcasing art, design and technology, music and dance work from each class which linked to a particular piece of music.


What's next?

We are currently in the process of working towards the Artsmark Award to recognise all the wonderful work children at Poppleton Road do in The Arts.  This is something all the children can contribute to and will be a way to showcase all their hard work.


Other priorities include:


  • Promoting the use of sketchbooks in the new Art curriculum
  • Encouraging a greater use of singing in Music lessons


Update - April 2016

Our application for the Artsmark Award has been submitted and so we are currently in the process of collecting the data/ evidence required to gain a 'Gold' qualification.


After some staff training, sketchbooks are being used throughout the school to record children's progress in all key areas of art and design.  Some children have even made their own sketchbooks linked to a particular theme or topic.


Miss Firth has also led several training sessions with staff on teaching music - most importantly singing.  Staff are using a website with great song choices and the children are learning how to sing in a technical, yet fun, way - even involving some dance.


Miss Wimberley has also been running a very successful art club over the course of the year in which the children have produced some very ambitious art work.  You may have spotted the dinosaur mural in the downstairs hall?


Year 6 will also be taking a trip to York Art Gallery to complete work which will lead to an Arts Award qualification.