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Alternative Work

A year 6 teacher will be available every day via Zoom to support children with their reading. However, we are aware that some children may struggle to read the texts independently. If this is the case, below is some alternative work that children can complete based around a video. We do encourage them to have a go at the reading first however. There is an activity pack relating to this video. The pack is full of lots of different ideas but it does not all need to be completed. We would suggest selecting a task a day to complete.
Week 4 - w/b 25th January

Catch It

Week 3 - w/b 18th January


CGI 3D Animated Short "Catch A Lot" by - Team Catch A Lot

Check out this entertaining short film called "Catch A Lot" set in the nineteenth century and continuing the tradition, a fisherman introduces his son to wha...

Week 2 - w/b 11th January


"A Cloudy Lesson" by Yezi Xue | Disney Favorite

Ever notice that the clouds sometimes look like other things like hearts or animals? Well this video explains why....