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23/11/20 - 27/11/20 Literacy for home learning

For those of you learning from home this week please follow the powerpoint slides- these week there is a video each day to support your learning, within this video there are different tasks for you to complete, this means there is only Wednesday to download as a resource. As ever, try your very best and share your work with me on see-saw when you are finished, good luck! Mr Brookfield

Lovely bonus little task!

Below I've shared a link the 'The Little Prince' competition, it is a lovely idea, explore the video and then have a go at writing the conversation between the two characters, you could enter it into the competition too!! Good luck!

Week beginning 16/11/20

Good Morning! When we return to school from Tuesday of next week, we will be focussing on writing our first special write of year 3. You have already planned all of your wonderful ideas so this week I want you to continue to build on your writing skills and grammar. Please find the powerpoint for each day and the relevant resources for your group. It is great to see so many of you adding your work onto seesaw so I can read and mark it, keep it up 3B and keep smiling, Mr Brookfield

11.11.20-13.11.20 home learning

For the remainder of this week I have attached a range of different SPAG activities to help practice particular writing skills at home and several reading comprehensions relating to key events happening this week. The powerpoint slides will help to explain the SPAG tasks and then please download the activity for your child's group (group details are on the main year 3 class page). Feel free to explore the other groups work if the work is too tricky or easy for your child too. Please take a photo of any completed work and send it to me on seesaw, good luck and enjoy! Mr Brookfield

Spag powerpoint 11.11.20

12.11.20 English powerpoint (task in slides)

WB 12.10.20


We are writing our own stories based on a book called the Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura.  This week, children are planning stories using a planning template or four planning activity sheets for children who find reading more challenging.  Select the format that feels right for you and your child.  We are planning over four days.  Next week, we will be writing our stories.   You can either plan to retell the story using the same characters and events or you can change parts of them such as the scary creature at the end.  


Please continue to work on the Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar objectives at home.  Access BBC Bitesize for explanations also where you need them.  We all do sometimes!  

Stone Age cooking comprehension