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This week in English we are carrying on looking at the story 'The Day the Crayon's Quit' to fit in with our world book day theme. The children will be looking at spotting the features of a letter and using this knowledge to write a letter back to the crayons. 

Note: There will be no English lesson on Thursday due to the World Book Day workshop. 

Week beginning 22.2.21 


This week in English we will be looking at the text 'The Day the Crayon's Quit'. We will be focussing on looking a letters and persuasive writing. 

In Spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG) lessons this week we will be practising some high frequency words and recapping punctuation (full stops, exclamation marks and question marks). 

The Day the crayons quit - Books Alive! Read Aloud book for children

Week Beginning Monday 8th February 2021

This week in English we will be starting off by practising reading and writing some of our High Frequency words and applying these in sentences. On Tuesday, we will begin learning about Louis Pasteur, a significant male figure in history who helped change the world of medicine for us. We will then design our own hand washing superhero! On Wednesday we will order some key facts about Louis Pasteur, learn about more of his discoveries and write thought bubbles about how he felt when he found new things out. On Thursday we will be writing our own fact files about his life using the past tense. Finally, on Friday we will have a punctuation lesson, where we will be learning about exclamation marks and how to use them.

Week Beginning Monday 1st February 2021

In English this week, we will be beginning with a SPAG lesson learning how to add the suffixes er and est to adjectives and finding out how this changes the words. On Tuesday, we will be researching about another person who helped us in history called Grace Darling. We will then be answering some reading comprehension questions about her. There will not be an English lesson on Wednesday due to our exciting Dragons workshop for Children’s Mental Health Week. However, we will put a short video and Grace Darling timeline for you to complete as a suggested afternoon activity. This will lead into some drama work on Thursday to act out the stormy night Grace Darling saved the sailors. We will then look at the features of a newspaper article ready to write our own article on Friday about what happened that night to make Grace Darling famous.


Note: There will be no English zoom on Wednesday due to the Mental Health workshop. However, we have put a Grace Darling timeline activity in the Wednesday folder that we would like your child to do. This will help with their work later on in the week. Please choose just one of the timeline activities. You do not need to do them all.

Week Beginning Monday 25th January 2021

We have another exciting week planned for our English lessons. We start the week having a go at writing some of our key spellings in our best handwriting. We then extend this by writing our key words in sentences with clear capital letters and full stops. On Tuesday, we will be continuing with our Zog and the Flying Doctors book. We have loved seeing all of the amazing work that you have been doing based on this story. This week we are writing a diary from one of the characters and then thinking about how to improve our writing. We will then be comparing the story book to the animation of it. Which one do you think that you will prefer and why? At the end of the week, we will be doing some of our Grammar work. This week we are looking at verbs, what they are and how they help when writing sentences.


Week beginning Monday 18th January 2021

This week in English we will be doing some grammar work all about nouns on Monday. Then on Tuesday we will be starting our fiction focus for the week with the story Zog and the Flying Doctors by Julia Donaldson. You may have read this book before or seen it over Christmas on the TV! At the start of the week we will be using our imagination to make up a new character that could go in the story and inventing a medicine too! You'll be able to use interesting nouns and adjectives to make your writing fun to read. On Thursday we will be writing a thank you letter from one of the characters, thinking about the features of a letter. Then on Friday you will finish the story and create another new character in some descriptive writing. We hope you enjoy the story as much as us!

English Week Beginning Monday 11th January


This week we will be doing some punctuation and grammar work on Monday looking at sentences and when to use a question mark or a full stop. Then on Tuesday we will be starting our poetry focus for the week. At the start of the week we will be reading some Winter poems. We will be thinking about what the poems mean and whether they rhyme. We will also be having a go at remembering and reciting one of the poems. Towards the end of the week, we will be having a go at collecting some interesting vocabulary to help us to write our own Winter poems. Maybe during the week when you go out for your exercise, you could use your senses to think about what you can see, hear, feel etc. during this cold season. This will help with your poetry writing.