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Monday 18th January 

Today we are looking at Mary Seacole. You can choose one or more of the following activities: 

- Play the Mary Seacole game (if you have a copy from your learning pack or are able to print the resources) 

- Draw a picture of Mary Seacole and say how she helped others. 

- Create a fact file about Mary Seacole. 

- Create a timeline showing Mary Seacole's life. How is it similar/different to Florence Nightingale's timeline?

Week beginning 11.1.21 

This week in History we are looking more into Florence Nightingale's life and key events from her life. The children can have a look through the PowerPoint and use the sheet to order key events in her life. (If you are unable to access the worksheet the children can write key points of her life in order and draw a picture to go with each event.