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Home Learning

We are disappointed that we are unable to be together in school and want you to continue learning with the enthusiasm we have come to enjoy! We know you will complete any activities to the best of your ability and we look forward to seeing the work you complete uploaded to Seesaw.  You will find your activities in the labelled folder and in each folder there will be a suggested timetable for you to follow  to help you spread the activities out across the week. The children in school with be completing the same work too! We want you to know that you have our full support and will be available to help in any way and understand that mental and physical wellbeing is the most important thing at this time. 


Learning Activities  

Your home learning activities will be organised into three groups. You will know these groups because we use them in school.   


Where there are different activities to work on, you will see either Group 1, Group 2 or Group 3 - or coloured stars on the activities/SMARTboard slides. Please complete the activity indicated for each group .  If you are unsure which group you are in, please see the groups below.


If you are in 4H your home learning groups are shown below:


If you are in 4M your home learning groups are show below:


Keeping in Touch 

Please use our SeeSaw app to share any learning that you have done at home. We love to see it and we will be able to respond to any messages via the app. If you are unable to access the app for any reason, then please contact the school office. 


There will be opportunities to join a Class Zoom and  school assembly if you are at home.  When a Class Zoom or assembly has been arranged, you will be sent joining instructions through Parent Mail and SeeSaw. We would love to see as many of you attending as possible! At the beginning of the Class Zooms, we will take a register to see who is regularly engaging in their online learning. If we see you on Zoom, we won't give you a call in the week!

The Zooms will be carried out by either Mrs Hansen, Mrs Howard or Miss Marshall and will be for both classes each time.


Reading every day is a crucial part of our learning in Year 4. We use reading skills across all areas of our curriculum and so it is vital that you practise daily - even if you feel you are a confident reader. 


Each day we would like you to read for at least twenty minutes. We would love to see what you have been reading.  Please upload a photo of you enjoying your reading material (whatever it might be) and we can enter you into our reading challenge prize draw - these will be saved for when you are back in school, so the more evidence of reading, the more chances of winning!


If you can, it would be great to have a video of you reading aloud. We would love to share this with you!


Please don't forget about Bug Club! All the children have log-ins which we can remind them of if needed. This is all online and there are many books and activities on there to choose from.