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Week beginning 13th July

This week the maths activities are a consolidation of different things that you have learnt since March 


Week beginning 6th July

Our focus this week is on position and direction. Main things for the children to know is left, right, forward, backwards, clockwise, anticlockwise, N, E, S, W

Week beginning 29th June

This week you will be looking back at the work we have done on fractions and trying to put fractions on a number line 

Week beginning 22nd June

The focus this week is addition and subtraction. 

We hope you enjoy the tasks.

Week beginning 15th June

This week we will look at partitioning numbers in different way. You will recognise the "Number of the Day" activity sheet from when we have done it in class! Don't forget to draw dienes ( sticks and dots) to help you 

Watch the video link and the powerpoints to help you too 


Week beginning 8th June

The work set this week should be done in order alongside the PowerPoints.

This week we are focusing division linked to multiplication from last week.

Week Beginning 1st of June

Please look inside each group's folder and complete the warm-ups first, look at and presentations and then complete the activities. The activities can  be done in any order 



All the answers can be found here
Each week there will be some information to help you with the activities 

Week beginning 18th May

This week is all about money. You will be adding and calculating change.  


There is a power point presentation for each day.  It starts with a quick mental maths activity - put your answers on a piece of paper and try to do them by yourself. If you go through the rest of the powerpoint with your adult, it will help you to answer the questions.


Week beginning 11th May


This week there is a white rose maths clip to watch every day. Make sure you check which video to watch on each day.

Week beginning 4th May

This weeks maths activities are based on White Rose Maths and Classroom secrets.  There are video clips each day that will help with your activities for each day.


Please remember that you do not have to complete every activity every day!


Faces Edges Vertices-3D Shapes- Euler's Geometry Formula

Additional Faces Edges Vertices Resources http://www.moomoomathblog.com/2017/03/faces-edges-vertices-3d-shapes-eulers.html In this Geometry video, you will l...

Activities for all groups 

Can you sort 2D shapes and 3D shapes into groups like we did in class?