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How This Section Works


  • Your maths resources consist of mainly MyMaths exercises.
  • Some group work assigned in the folders below.
  • Additional web pages with fun and educational activities for our year group including TTRocks for memorising times tables.  


Below are the groups for set maths tasks which you will find in the folders.  We are attempting to upload work in the PDF format which are accessible for all to print if you have a printer.


MyMaths has not only the differentiated work for your child/ren but also additional activities you can practice as you like.  Telling the time may be a really good one to look at.


We have also included a list of helpful websites and a video on using MyMaths.  TopMarks has good visual place value resources (see Diennes and Coins for HTU and decimals).  


Don't forget that all children were sent home with TT Rockstar log ins too!  Watch out for upcoming battles!


If you need any help, don't hesitate to mention anything to your class teacher.