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Week beginning 23/11/20 for those still learning from home

Please find the powerpoint slides and the resources attached for the relevant groups for this week's maths learning on statistics. Each slide has the video link for support in, remember to share your work with me on see-saw too, good luck and hope to see you soon, Mr Brookfield

Week beginning 16/11/20

Our maths learning this week is building on from our understanding of multiplication and division and applying it to a range of different problem solving and fluency problems. Thursday is a fantastic four session to help consolidate your understanding of the 4 operations, as ever please feel free to challenge yourself and have a go at a different group's work if you are up for a challenge!!

Please continue to share your work with me on see-saw, looking forward to seeing some more brillinat work this week.

Keep smiling 3B, Mr Brookfield

11/11/20-13/11/20 3B Home learning Maths

In Maths over the last two weeks we have been learning about the 8 times tables and how to multiply and divide by 8. We have also made links with the 4 times tables and have discussed how to use doubles to help us recall quickly.

For the next 3 days we will continue with x8 as our focus, Thursday's work is based on our weekly Fantastic Four lesson- I'm hoping your child will be able to show you their strategies for answering questions on the 4 operations of maths here. 

Please download your group work and feel free to explore the other groups for a challenge, Thursday's work is in the powerpoint slides ready to be accessed.

Many thanks and good luck Mathematicans! 

12.11.20 maths powerpoint (activities on slides)

Weeks beginning 5th and 12th October

Over the next 2 weeks we will be focussing on multiplication and division and we will build on what you have learned in year 2 and explore new methods of multiplying and dividing numbers too. 

Please continue to use the website below from the excellent National Oak Academy to listen to the teachers guidance, you can then complete the quiz in each lesson too if you haven't already.


Keep on top of your mental recall by accessing TT Rocks too as you will have been set tables just for you to learn.


I've also attached a few different multiplication and division resources to download and have a go at too, good luck!  Try the levelled activities.  Feel free to use objects to help your work it out. It is so important to understand that maths is all around us in real life.



Multiplying and Dividing Levelled Questions