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Week beginning 18th January 2021 

This week in Maths we are learning about doubling and repeated addition. 

Practical activities you can try: 

- You can use a mirror to help your child see doubling. Put a mirror next to a selection of objects ask the children to count the objects and the objects that they see in the mirror. 

- Ask your child to paint half a butterfly or lady bird. Fold over the picture when wet to print the same image on the other side of the paper. Count up all the spots together. (This shows a similar idea https://www.youclevermonkey.com/2016/04/teaching-double-numbers.html) 

- Play a snap or pairs game. Write down numbers and their doubles on paper. Play a game of snap or match up the cards with their doubles. 


Numberblocks - Double Trouble | Learn to Count

Numberblocks video explaining doubling.

Doubles Doubles Dancing Doubles (A song about number doubles)

Doubles song!

This week in maths we are learning about counting in 10s and 2s. 

Practical activities you can try: 

- Ask your child to write down counting in 10s/2s. Can they notice a pattern? 

- Ask your child to help pair up socks/sort shoes whilst counting in 2s. 

- Try throwing a ball to each other and see how far you can get counting in10s/2s without dropping it. 

- Write down a number track of counting in 10s/2s but make a mistake. Can your child spot where you have gone wrong?


Below are attached some sheets to work on each day. Please double check which group your child is in so they can access the right work. 


Attached below are the worksheets that will pair up with the zoom lessons each day. Please double check which group your child is in as it correlates to the worksheet they are set.


Count 10-100 | Count by 10 Song | The Singing Walrus

Counting by 2s