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Further soil investigation lesson

If possible over the weekend if you have a garden you could look at this bonus investigation with an adult. There is a video link and a written resources to go with it from the ever brilliant STEM ambassadors, let me know how you get on!! Mr Brookfield

Week beginning 16/11/20 Home learning

Over the next few weeks in our Topic lessons our focus will be on natural physical geography and geographical features. We start with looking at what is inside our planet and how volcanoes are formed, look through the powerpoint and then have a look at the resources, you could even try to make your own version of our globe!

Many thanks, Mr Brookfield

Our focus in Science this term is 'Rocks and Soils', we've been learning about the different types of rocks and their unique properties so far. Please continue to find out about rocks and soils by using the websites attached below, feel free to test yourself on the games and quizzes too!



Learn about Mary Anning and her fossil hunting skills and test your knowledge with a question sheet.  Also you'll find our resources for the chocolate lesson to explore properties of rocks.  You'll have to get the chocolate though!  It's more fun that you'd think and you'll never visit the beach again without noticing the cliffs and rock formations.  You may find some fossils too.


I have also attached some nice resources if you are lucky enough to have a garden and want some hands on learning, I think you will need the help of an adult with these soil investigations and a trowel if you have one, happy digging!


If you are looking for additional Science learning, we know space is always a very popular topic with our year 3 children! Please find some lovely links all about space and the planets below, you could always create a fact sheet about any new information that you learn at home, enjoy!