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Science w/c 15th June

Science Week Beginning 15th June

To learn about the work of Famous Naturalists or Behaviourists.

This week we would like you to have a look at the work of some famous scientists in this instance naturalists or behaviourists. Can you think of any you know?

What about this person?


What do you think a naturalist or behaviourist does?

Naturalists study plants and animals. Behavioural scientists study the actions of human beings and animals.

We would like to research a famous naturalist or behaviourist and make a factfile or biography on them.


Some people you could choose include:

David Attenborough

Jane Goodall

Chris Packham

Charles Darwin

Mary Anning

Steve Backshall


Or anyone else you can think of or research and would like to tell us about.

Can’t wait to see them.