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Spelling Posters- Activity Ideas

Spelling Shed logins


Please refer to the group you were in when we were in school. 


If you are in Mrs Hall or Mrs Pearson's spelling groups please continue to recall and learn more Y1, Y2 words and the Y2 Common Exception Words.


If you are usually in Mrs Kearney or Miss Marshall's spelling groups, please continue to recall and learn all the Y3 and Y4 words.


Spelling Shed


From 4th May, we will be posting regular activites and new lists of words to the Spelling Shed website. Your logins are here for you to access.  We have logged in using the childen's logins to check this is working and it does.  However, if you have problems, let us know.

When you are logged in,  Click on 'web game'.  Click this and choose the spelling list.  Spelling Shed will then present you with some games to play which support not only learning to spell these words but also remembering how to spell them!   


Group Sections


You will be referred to Spelling Shed for your differentiated activities from the 4th May.


Other Spelling Activities


Children will have learned methods for spelling such as Speed Writing, Bubble Writing, Hangman, Pyramid Writing and making up mnemonics (because - big elephants can always understand small elephants).  Do sk them to remind you which ones are their favourites from school.  




Spelling Lists Y1/2 and Y3/4