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Mental Health Week 


This week is our whole school 'Mental Health Week.' We have lots of exciting activities to get involved in. 


Each afternoon for story and a chat we will be reading a story to prompt those important conversations about feelings.


On Monday we will have a EYFS assembly about Mental Health. 


On Tuesday we will be looking at the colours of feelings and taking part in our whole school rainbow art projects. 


On Wednesday it is wear it inside out day. The children need to come to school dressed in something inside out. On top of this we also have a fantastic online wellbeing class in the morning.

(Joining details and times on tapestry and seesaw)  


On Thursday we will be coming together far a great story and practise some calming deep breathing techniques. 


Finally, Friday will be story time but also a time to share those wonderful rainbow creations!



Today we met Eggmo and his friend Hilo...two very nice monsters.  Hilo is helping us build our self-esteem so we can feel good and confident.  See if you can do Hilo's challenge and share some of the things you are good at, that make you AMAZING.