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Weeks beginning 5th, 12th and 19th October


In History lessons, we have learnt lots about the Stone Age and are starting to learn about the Iron and Bronze ages now too. Have a go at doing some of your own historical research into the amazing Stonehenge.  You have probably heard or even seen this before as it is very famous! 

Head to the website listed below to take a virtual tour of Stonehenge then I would like a short non-fiction explanation all about Stonehenge from the research you have done. You could write this report on a computer, use purple mash or see-saw or hand write with pictures, looking forward to seeing your work! 


In PSHE, we are learning about people who we can go to to ask for help and how to make an emergency call.  Use the instruction sheet below to role play this important information with your child and record your address and phone number on the sheet.  There is also a matching boxes activity with scenarios so that children not only understand who can help when it is needed, but also develop empathy and care for others. 


In DT (Design and Technology) we are making trousers for a Stone Age mini person.  If you want to practice sewing, we will be able to see your progress in class when you are back.  Look at some YouTube videos of how to do running stitch, blanket stitch and see how you get on.