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How This Section Works


Your resources are


  • Subject Folders
  • Group Folders
  • Additional websites


In the subject folders, you will find ideas for activities or projects on science, PE and all the other subjects we teach.  Please see the subject folders and see what takes your fancy.  This is a great time to explore your child's interests and passions and to try something you might not do ordinarily.  Use your imagination too.  Some of the subjects naturally cross over - for example, you can write a story about the Ancient Greeks, or design rocket to explore Venus.  


Group folders will mainly contain science related activities.  Explore to see which task you are comfortable with. 


Additional sites include Purple Mash which has many activities you can choose from, but see the To Do lists in your child's homepage.  Once complete, you can submit these and your teacher will be able to mark your work.  


Do remember, you are not confined by our suggestions.  For example, pupils have been exploring materials using a microscope, bug hunting and researching and creating a panda project.  If you like drawing, you can do lots of sketching of plants for science which is a great thing to do outdoors.  For your design skills, you can make gadgets from junk to develop your design skills.


Mrs K, Mrs C and Miss M.

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