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W/C 20th April

This week we are looking at lines (horizontal, vertical, diagonal, parallel and perpendicular) angles (acute, right angle, obtuse) and turns (full turn, half turn, quarter turn, clockwise, anti-clockwise). There are some activities below that you can pick and choose from but you can also make these objectives as practical as possible at home.

Realistically, you could spend two days (two activities) on lines and then focus on turns and angles (as they are the trickiest). The children have covered these objectives at school so this will be consolidation for them. The classroom secrets activities have three levels, please don't feel you have to do them all!

You could also go on a line and angle hunt around your home - you could take pictures for Seesaw!

You could also use your teddies/people at home to practise your turns!

Please pick and choose from the activities you want to do. You can take a picture of the activity and upload onto Seesaw so you can complete it on there if it's easier than printing!