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Week beginning 27th April

This week we are going to complete a 'Talk for Writing' unit based on Jumanji.  The booklet below gives 2 weeks worth of work so if you want to work on the activities at your own pace over the 2 weeks, that is fine.  However, the booklet has been split up to complete parts of it day by day.  Please see the screen shots below for the activities to complete day by day.  Remember to write your answers down and upload them onto your SeeSaw.

Talk For Writing Booklet


Monday 1
Monday 2
Monday 3
Monday 4
Monday 5


Tuesday  1
Tuesday  2
Tuesday  3
Tuesday  4
Tuesday  5
Tuesday  6
Tuesday  7


Wednesday 1
Wednesday 2
Wednesday 3
Wednesday 4
Wednesday 5


Thursday 1
Thursday 2
Thursday 3
Thursday 4


Friday 1
Friday 2
Friday 3