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Year 3

New this week as well as the usual maths and English activities -

  • Spelling Shed activities (see logins below)
  • a BBC Learn video
  • Charanga - new Y3 singing package now available
  • Purple Mash activities refreshed and a new one added
  • A new geography quiz on Setera
  • A fabulous science and art activity
Please note that the weekly Maths, Writing, Spelling, Reading, Topic and Science activities are copied from the website to Seesaw activities. Choose to complete them in any way you like - whichever is easiest!
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Welcome to Year 3's Home Learning section!

Everyone’s health and happiness is the most important thing right now. We are adding weekly activities to the website as helpful consolidation (the children have already been taught these objectives) so this means no home-schooling, just some support. We will upload helpful videos as much as possible to help with any misconceptions and we can be contacted through the school/Seesaw.  We aim to keep some concepts fresh in the children’s minds to keep some momentum going. We do not want you to feel guilty or stressed if these activities do not get completed, we will pick up everything your child needs when we get back to school. We do not want your children to feel like they can’t draw, play, bake, sing, dance etc and enjoy their time with you! If you do complete an activity, we would love it if they could showcase their work through their Seesaw Code!


On Monday, each week, there will be updates on MyMaths and on Seesaw to support your activities at home.  If you are missing any codes, do message us on Seesaw and we will get back to you.

All children were sent home with Seesaw Home Learning codes for them to showcase their work to us - just following the instructions on their sheet!  smiley


All the children have been split into three groups, linked to the work they should complete at home - see group lists in each page.  If the work is too easy or difficult, please have a look in a different folder if that works well for your family.


Your child will have login codes for all the following excellent sites.


Bugclub,          PurpleMash,           Classroom Secret kids,         TT Rocks,        MyMaths       Spelling Shed

Classroom Secret Kids:


Username: 237549year3

Password: dog

Now that many of us are online more, it is important to stay SMART!

Now that many of us are online more, it is important to stay SMART! 1



Play card games

Learn to tell the time

Write a book – illustrate it too

Create a daily diary

Have an indoor picnic

Write an email to your teacher

Order all your books/DVDs alphabetically

Play board games

Take a selfie through a toilet roll and pretend you’re on the moon!

Bake a cake

Build a den

Make fruity ice lollies or ice cubes with fruit and water

Read as many books as you can

Make a sock puppet family from all the odd socks!

Keep a balloon in the air for as long as you can!

Show good listening

Leave happy notes around the house for family members to find

Play hide and seek

Have an upside meal – have breakfast for dinner etc!

Practise yoga/karate

Play I-spy

Dance in the shower

Write a postcard to a friend

Wash the car

Create a scrapbook

Do some gardening

Help your grown ups

Stay up late counting stars

Apple bobbing

Take millions of photos

Climb a tree bravely

Create a mini animal farm


We have tried to make everything accessible, even if you don’t have a printer, by making them as practical as possible. Just click on the activities to enlarge them!