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Year 3

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Welcome everybody to the start of a great term.  We are learning all about the Stone Age and have started off the year by immersing ourselves in the distant past.  Children have set up Stone Age camp in the field and have been hunting for (teddy) mammoths and gathering actual berries and fruit for snacks.

They also had a go at whittling to make spear points and loved this activity a lot. 


Children have learned about extinction through drawing and investigating, and where the dinosaurs fit into the picture.  They have made excellent models of Stone Age camps and next week will use all this fabulous knowledge to create stories about a mysterious trip back in time.

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Learning in maths is all about place value at the moment so that children have secure understanding of mathematical concept for solving problems and working with all four operations (+ - x and dividing). 

We are encouraging children to explain clearly using terms like 'tens column' why, for example, 237 is less than 247).  Feel free to play some games and get on line to support your child.


Below are some pictures of our time at school so far.

Just like last year, Seesaw will be used in our classroom as a great place for the children to showcase their learning to themselves, each other and you at home. Home QR codes have already been sent out, if it hasn't made its way home then please request a new one as it would be lovely to have as much parent involvement as possible. 

Bug Club is a fantastic resource that the children can use both at home and school. The free login has been sent home in their new Bug Club reading records. We understand that life is very busy but it is still important for your child to read at home as much as possible. Bug Club can even be downloaded onto tablets so that they can access their level books assigned by their teacher at home. There are many helpful hints and tips for reading with your child on the pages of their new reading record.