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Sports Relief 2018

Friday 23rd March is our day of

sporty celebration at Poppleton

Road! The School Council have

been brilliant with ideas and we

have a very busy day planned!

All children are encouraged to

wear sporty clothes, with a

suggested donation of £1, to

raise as much money as possible for Sports Relief. The School Council suggested a whole school circuit training session on the outdoor playground where each S.C. member leads a simple exercise for 1 minute. Each class then moves to the next activity until all exercises are complete!

We also have an exciting inflatable obstacle course (called The Beast!) which, weather permitting, will be set up for each class to test their endurance and strength on. We’re hoping it will be a great day and that we raise lots of money for such a worthwhile cause.

If you would like to find out more about Sports Relief and how your money helps those in need please click on the following link:


My Future York community project

During March and April, our School Council will be representing our pupil voice to help shape the future of York! Many companies are helping to renovate the large York Central site which our school looks out onto and we have been invited to take part in community engagement with one of the local construction companies involved. The children will be asked their opinions on what they would want playgrounds to look like in the future, how public spaces are used and could be used in the future and how we move around our city.

We’re really excited to be involved in this project and think it’s really important that our children have a voice on the future of our wonderful city.

Check back to see how we got on!

Mr B and the School Council

March 6th 2018

As a school, we are now signed up to ‘The Big Battery Hunt’ which is organised by the National Schools Partnership. This fantastic idea encourages children and adults to think about how they are recycling batteries when at home or at school. The challenge is a nation-wide competition to collect and recycle as many dead batteries as possible in order to improve our recycling habits. There are many prizes to be won along the journey and our School Council children will help collect batteries from each class on a weekly basis. All batteries will then be place into our special battery recycling container- when it’s full it will be picked up and recycled. Keep your eyes peeled for dead batteries and get recycling!!

School council meeting 30.1.18 minutes 

School council representatives met with Mr Brookfield to discuss plans for the Spring term:


- Children discussed proposed Dance Club which we hope to start next half term when an apple mp3 player and docking sound station are purchased. The children voted that each class took it in turns to each  have a lunch time dedicated to Dance Club over the course of two weeks. The children suggested that each class have a choice of three songs which their class teacher can add to a shared playlist.

- Sports Relief: School Council to help sell official bands @ £1. Mr Brookfield and Mrs McDonald to organise a fantastic whole school circuit training for all children to be part of on the day of Sports Relief to get everyone active! 

Children In Need

Our School Council did an amazing job at organising our Children In Need fundraising this year. They discussed what we could do to raise as much money as possible and created some lovely posters to ensure everyone knew what was happening. 

On the day they helped serve cakes at our very popular cake sale and helped judge the winners in our spotacular fancy dress competition. 

Well done for working so hard and for helping to raise an amazing £688.51!

Mr. Brookfield

School Council Subject Leader Action Plan 2017-18

Poppleton Road Primary School Council

We are a helpful, happy and organised team who want to help everyone in school. We want to try and make sure that everyone enjoys their time at school and that everyone has a say in what we do at our school. We are made up from children from each year group and are led by Mr. Brookfield this year.


Our target this year is to make sure that every child enjoys play times and lunch times- this might mean thinking of games or equipment that we could invest in to make sure every child is having fun. We think speaking to teachers and Mrs Glover about what we learn is also very important.  We also aim to help raise money for charities and organisations that we think are important and need our help.


We were chosen by our class mates as we believe that we are good communicators, who are kind and caring, and want to continue to make the school a fun and wonderful place to learn.


Many thanks, the School Council team and Mr. Brookfield 

Hello and welcome back to school!


Exciting times with our school council- Mr Brookfield is responsible for the school council this year and can't wait to get started! 

As before each class from year 1 to year 5 will have a nominated member of the school council who will represent their class and year group. In year 6 there will be two council members from each class. 

Slips have been sent to each teacher to start organising who will be their new council member, we are looking for confident children who can provide a pupil voice for our school!


Many thanks,

Mr Brookfield