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School Council

Poppleton Road Primary School Council

We are a helpful, happy and organised team who want to help everyone in school. We want to try and make sure that everyone enjoys their time at school and that everyone has a say in what we do at our school. We are made up from children from each year group and are led by Mr. Brookfield this year.


Our target this year is to make sure that every child enjoys play times and lunch times- this might mean thinking of games or equipment that we could invest in to make sure every child is having fun. We think speaking to teachers and Mrs Glover about what we learn is also very important.  We also aim to help raise money for charities and organisations that we think are important and need our help.


We were chosen by our class mates as we believe that we are good communicators, who are kind and caring, and want to continue to make the school a fun and wonderful place to learn.


Many thanks, the School Council team and Mr. Brookfield 

Hello and welcome back to school!


Exciting times with our school council- Mr Brookfield is responsible for the school council this year and can't wait to get started! 

As before each class from year 1 to year 5 will have a nominated member of the school council who will represent their class and year group. In year 6 there will be two council members from each class. 

Slips have been sent to each teacher to start organising who will be their new council member, we are looking for confident children who can provide a pupil voice for our school!


Many thanks,

Mr Brookfield