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Exam and assessment results. Please note these performance measures are not current as schools are not required to publish exam and assessment results from 2019 to 2020.

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Primary PE and Sport Premium at Poppleton Road Primary School

Poppleton Road Primary School is committed to the highest quality of provision for sports across the school. The school received £19309 from the Sports premium fund and this is used to promote a wide range and support high quality sport in school for all pupils.

We work in partnership with York Schools Sports Partnership and a variety of sports providers to offer an extensive range of after school clubs to meet the needs and interests of all children.

Through partnerships we participate in both training and development, inter-school and regional competitions enabling pupils from both Key Stages to participate in both fun and competitive sports.

School staff have the opportunity to go on yearly training provided by the partnership as well as working alongside our PE specialist.

We have eight general principles for the use of this grant, they are:

  • To increase engagement in sport from an early age, that is for our youngest pupils

  • To identify and offer additional provision for targeted groups of pupils, that is those pupils who have not previously attended an out of school sports provision.

  • To provide opportunities to experience new sports

  • To provide a wider range of sporting experiences for those pupils who have already shown that they are skilled and talented in sport

  • To provide out of school sports clubs across the school

  • To promote and provide our pupils with access to competitive sports tournaments in a range of sports outstanding PE & Sports provision across the school

  • To promote sports leadership

  • To allow children to have a voice to promote sport and a healthy and fit lifestyle in our school


Actions to date include:

  • Training for playground leaders

  • Application for Sainsbury’s School Games. Gold achieved

  • Promotion of Walk-to-School Weeks and cycling training

  • Pay for football and netball coaches

  • Support for charities through our Sports Relief Day

  • Offered a wide range of sports clubs (see clubs)

  • Funded travel to regional sporting events for competitors such as Indoor sports athletics and Brownlee Triathlon Schools Event

  • York City Athletics Coach half a term lunchtime club

  • Chance to Shine cricket coaching

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If you require a paper copy of any of the information on our website then please contact the school office on 01904553388 or email: admin@poppletonroadprrimary.co.uk