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Who’s Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Meet the staff at Poppy Road

Mrs D Glover-Head Teacher (Acting SENCO)
Mrs E Dawson-Deputy Head Teacher

Key Stage 2 Team

Miss H Turner-Year 6 Teacher/Phase Leader
Miss K Spencer - Year 6 teacher
Miss S Dykes-Year 5 Teacher
Mrs A Bannister-Year 5 Teacher (shared)
Mrs N Hoyland-Year 5 Teacher (shared)
Miss R Marshall-Year 4 Teacher
Mrs C Hansen - Year 4 Teacher (Shared)
Mr N Brookfield-Year 3 Teacher/Phase Leader
Mrs R Calvert-Year 3 Teacher (shared)
Mrs R Kearney-Year 3 Teacher (shared)
Mrs R Bulley - Teacher
Mrs P Lodder - Teacher
Miss K Playle - HLTA
Mr J Castro-HLTA
Miss C Wimberly-TA
Mrs L Bellwood-TA
Mrs K NIcholls-TA
Mrs P Holland-TA
Mrs S Hall-TA
Mrs R Pearson-TA
Miss L Smith-TA
Mrs H Kuba-TA
Miss J Hinds-TA

Key Stage 1 Team

Mrs E Dawson-Year 2 Teacher (shared)
Mrs L Iveson-Year 2 Teacher (shared)
Mrs C Noonan- Year 2 Teacher (shared)
Mrs L Brownlow-Year 2 Teacher (shared)
Mrs S Lyon Year-1 Teacher (shared)
Mrs C Gamble-Year 1 Teacher (Shared)
Miss E Davison-Year 1 Teacher
Mrs R Bulley
Mrs P Lodder
Miss M Moneypenny-Early Years Teacher/Phase Leader
Miss M Beadnell-Early Years Teacher
Miss S Stables-Teacher
Mrs S Arksey-HLTA
Mrs S Ross-HLTA
Mrs G Amin-HLTA
Miss K Playle - HLTA
Mr J Castro-HLTA
Miss C Parker-TA
Mrs R Willis-TA
Mrs H Kuba-TA
Mrs L Smith-TA
Mrs R Pearson-TA

Support Staff

Mrs S Fraser- CFW/Volunteers Co-ordinator
Mrs S Bissett-Bursar/Administrator
Mrs V Cannon-Administrator
Miss A Grant - Adminstrator
Mr P Chappelow-Site Manager

Midday Supervisors (MSA)

Mrs A Clarke Senior MSA
Mrs K Hodges MSA
Miss D Murray First Aid/MSA
Mrs K Colley MSA
Ms J Barker MSA
Mrs K Smith MSA
Mrs S Stephenson MSA
Mrs S Lowther MSA
Mrs G Edwards MSA
Mrs K Thompson MSA

The Kitchen Staff

Mrs S Pallister School Cook
Mrs D Brickett Assistant Cook
Mrs C Ventress Kitchen Assistant
Mrs J Wilson Kitchen Assistant

Did you know?