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National Curriculum and Long Term Plan

SMSC Books

The Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development of pupils needs to be embedded throughout all lessons and every aspect of school life.  At Poppleton Road we gather all our evidence in the form of photos and produce a termly photo book which are available to view in the school reception area.

All Different All Equal


As part of our continuous work to promote British Value at Poppleton Road, all classes spent time completing different activities around the theme 'All Different, All Equal'.  The week was introduced with an assembly that all children attended and children then completed a variety of activities in their classes ; some classes were even lucky enough to work with Stephen Burke who helped the children to make their own films and comic strips all linked to British Values.


Over the week we gathered ideas from all the classes in school to see what they had been up to and to see what discussions they had.  This quote from Naomi (Year 6) sums up exactly what we wanted to achieve the 'All Different, All Equal' Week.


'All of our British Values are what makes Britain different to other countries; we have laws to keep us in order and democracy so that everyone gets to have a vote.  We tolerate different beliefs and views and also have the right to be who we are and what we want (so long as it doesn't break the law).  This is what makes us the United Kingdom."


Here is how the other classes at Poppleton Road summed up their week.



Whilst choosing a class poem to read, Lola suggested a vote and said, "This is democracy."   (Year 2)


Year 6 wrote persuasive letters to Mrs Glover in response to a Local Authority letter that suggested we stop learning art, drama, music and drama.  Year 6 had lots of points to make a held a debate to raise their point of view.   (Year 6)


"We get to make choices at school such as:

- what we have for lunch;

- what areas of provision we use;

-sometimes we choose how we do our work;

-how we behave as long as we follow the school rules."        (Year 1)


Democracy is where something is fair for everyone and it's fair by voting.   For example, "Everyone voted for who they wanted to be school councillor and I got the most votes.  Just like we can vote for who we want to run our country".       (Year 4)


We came up with a great idea as to how to solve the problem we had about deciding who would take the vehicles home as the children made them in pairs.  We voted and came up with a fair and equal solution. (Year 1)


The Rule of Law

"We follow school rules to keep us safe like wearing our uniform to make sure people know we are from Poppy Road!"   

"We listen carefully because it is important to respect each other."            (Year 3)


When talking about the rule of law, Martha suggested, "We need laws in our society to try and keep everyone safe and to keep the peace."        (Year 4)


Year 6 studied and performed the poem 'The Law of the Jungle' from The Jungle Book.  We were also visited by the RSPCA and learned about the laws protecting animal welfare.       (Year 6)


"We've got to share out our powers and make it fair to stop us arguing."     Tyron showing us how to play fair outside in the playground.        (Year 5)

Individual Liberty

Each member of Year 6 created a 1 minute presentation about their hobbies and how they choose to spend their own time.      (Year 6)


"Individual liberty is when you have the freedom to do what you want as long as you are not hurting or stopping anyone.... or breaking the law!"       (Year 4)


"You can do what you want in the world as long as you don't hurt anyone or anything - or break the law."  (Year 6)


Mutual Respect and Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

"You shouldn't judge people for what they believe.  You can believe what you want and they can believe what they want."      (Year 6)


"Girls can act like boys and boys can act like girls.  We are all different and all equal."     (Year 5)


Our whole school assembly was about World Religion Day.  Lots of us could name the 6 main religions.  We show tolerance and respect to all of the different faiths and religions.     (Whole School)


We talked about Marmite - you either love it or you hate it, but everyone is entitled to their own likes and dislikes.    (Year 1)


Whole School 'Choose Respect' Poem