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Hello and welcome to our page for 2021-22


Our School Council are great leaders and have done some great things already for our school this year and there is more to come.


Look at our activities and plans and do contact us if you have suggestions or can help.




Rebecca Kearney


School Council Representatives 2021-22

Buddy Power 

Our representatives are kind.  They wanted, after Covid restrictions on the playground, to reinstate our Buddy Project.  The children asked for a timetable and to decorate our high-viz jackets with friendly slogans and images so that they could take turns at being visible and present in our playground for any child in need of a bit of support from one of their peers. 

Buddy Power

The Meaty Debate

We were invited to attend and contribute to a debate about whether to have meat in school dinners or not.  Our reps were brilliant - considering options and opinions and the impact of meat production on our planet and our health.  Some members of our team spoke confidently publicly and we all discussed our opinions in an open and intelligent way.  They were a credit to themselves and to Poppy Road. 

The Meaty Debate

Time Zone Project - spring 2021 and ongoing...


There are children all over the planet.  What time are they experiencing?  As we learn about art and science, are they having breakfast or getting ready for bed?  The children in our school have relatives across the globe.  Has sunrise happened for them?  Are they asleep or at school too?


Our representatives from 2020-21 decided to help our pupils learn about telling time as well as about how time changes around the globe.  They conducted a survey to decide which countries to learn about and raised money for the NSPCC which our fabulous Friends of Poppleton Road Primary School, matched and made this project possible.


The countries (or zones) chosen were; London, Beijing in China, New York in the USA, Canberra in Australia and Bucharest in Romania.


This year, we have voted again for new places to include more children who have families around the world.  School council representatives took votes in their classes and reported back at one of our meetings.  We have updated the clock times and the posters.


When you are in the playground, have a look around.  

Poppy Road School Council Reps 2020-2021

Happiness Project 2018-19



School Council representatives conducted happiness surveys with our pupils and have compiled a list of things we do to make us happy when we abandon our screens.  Many children have the same experience of not quite knowing what to do when it's time to take a break.


The team compiled a help sheet for parents or children to help develop both independence and creativity.  

There was a wide range of activities on the list from physical activities to art and crafts.  There was a range of things for children who like to be quiet and those who love to problem solve and those who like to do both or all of these things.


The document the children produced is called the No Screen No Problem List and was on sale during our Summer Fair.


We may produce a second edition... wait and see.

Charities our School Council has helped to support over the years


2019 - Children in Need 


2020 - NSPCC


2021 - Comic Relief


2022 - York Against Cancer