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Hello School Councillors,

Well done if you've found time to make it here during these strange times.

Please email school with great ideas on good advice and fun ideas for your fellow pupils and we can share them here.




Jessica  has written in to suggest that all our Poppy Road pupils make rainbows for our windows to show love and support for each other and for everybody else.    She says,


"I think it would be really nice if all the children drew a rainbow that could be stuck on all the windows in their classrooms so the whole school had lots of rainbows on their windows so everyone can see how amazing Poppleton road children are coping with staying home, staying safe even if we miss out teachers and friends .
Each child in school make a rainbow with their name and age underneath ( we thought about the size of a small envelope ) and we could make a giant mural in school ( once we get to come back ) with everyone’s rainbow to remind us all how we brilliant we were when we couldn’t go to school even though it was hard and made us sad some times."

Jessica 1LB


Mrs Kearney says "can you create a sports activity which is loads of fun with your family, thinking up games which are crazy and make everyone laugh?"  My son says "How many times can you throw your teddy up the the ceiling and catch him or her whilst laying on your back on the floor or a bed?"  




  • things to make you laugh
  • things to calm you down
  • ways to be kind
  • good website ideas such as geography quizzes or singing and dancing 
  • you could set a challenge for your classmates!


Reasons to be cheerful and proud of being a School councillor:


Our ACHIEVEMENTS so far...


  • made the buddy bench back into a buddy bench
  • established a group of Brilliant Buddies which is a good start to extra caring for each other in our school
  • planned a Time Zone for our playground including conducting an important survey to gather information from pupils
  • you supported and helped to promote Maths Day for the NSPCC which then led us to being able to secure some funds for your Time Zone project  - to be continued
  • teamed up with another school council, sharing ideas and gathering inspiration and new friends


I will make sure we continue with our Time Zone project as far as we are able and see how that goes when we are back at school.


All my love to you all,   I miss our staff room table meetings.


Rebecca Kearney

Time Zone Project


We have conducted a survey to find out if children in our school feel they would benefit from having a Clock Zone in our playground. More than two thirds are very interested.  We have also raised money for this and the NSPCC and next step is to order our equipment and get it in place!


Let's see how this goes.



Happiness Project 2018-19



School Council representatives have conducted happiness surveys with our pupils and have compiled a list of things we do to make us happy when we abandon our screens.


The team compiled a help sheet for desperate parents or children to help develop both independence and creativity.  The reps are excited and any contributions of ideas that you may do at home will be welcome.  


The document the children will produce will be called the No Screen No Problem List.