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Poppleton Road Primary School Council

What a great team of individuals!  We work together to improve lives at the school, in our local area and in the wider world we are a part of.  The team is led by Mrs Kearney who is led by the School Council.


Our target this year is to help others and to help each other by organising a time telling zone in our playground.  This is to help children both learn to tell the time better and give them greater independence in knowing when to go to different clubs and how much time to play they have to negotiate games.  We also want to meet up with other school councils and learn about what different schools do to represent and support their pupils.  Already school councillors have created a crew who support people on the playground with friendships and problems.   


Having been elected by our class members, we promise to work well together, to support each other and other people and have a great year.


Thanking you all for your support of our projects.  If you think you can help in some way, please feel free to contact Mrs Kearney.


School Council members and Mrs Kearney.

Time Telling Project


We have conducted a survey to find out if children in our school feel they would benefit from having a Clock Zone in our playground. More than two thirds are very interested.  So, next steps, to raise some money, and make a plan!  


Update on its way.



Happiness Project 2018-19



School Council representatives have conducted happiness surveys with our pupils and have compiled a list of things we do to make us happy when we abandon our screens.


The team compiled a help sheet for desperate parents or children to help develop both independence and creativity.  The reps are excited and any contributions of ideas that you may do at home will be welcome.  


The document the children will produce will be called the No Screen No Problem List.