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Hello School Councillors,


Our TIME ZONE project is moving along.  We have funding from our fabulous Friends of Poppleton Road and our new display board and time zone clocks are on order.  In a couple of weeks, you will have achieved the goal you started back in 2019!  


Our display board with your brilliant smiley faces on it is up and with it, our new Comms Box.

Remember you can add your ideas to the box and I will collect contributions regularly.  


I am wondering if we need a bit of a focus on happiness in our spring term and if you agree and have great ideas to share some happiness with our fellow pupils.  Have a think about it, and we'll catch up for a catch up soon.  Feel free to email me via the school email also.





Keep up the good work.


Rebecca Kearney


Time Zone Project


We have conducted a survey to find out if children in our school feel they would benefit from having a Clock Zone in our playground. More than two thirds are very interested.  We have also raised money for this and the NSPCC and next step is to order our equipment and get it in place!


Let's see how this goes.



Happiness Project 2018-19



School Council representatives have conducted happiness surveys with our pupils and have compiled a list of things we do to make us happy when we abandon our screens.


The team compiled a help sheet for desperate parents or children to help develop both independence and creativity.  The reps are excited and any contributions of ideas that you may do at home will be welcome.  


The document the children will produce will be called the No Screen No Problem List.