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Spanish Vowels Song - Canción de las vocales - Miss Rosi

¡Buenos días! Song to learn Spanish greetings and daily routines

Learn greetings and daily routines in Spanish with this fun and catchy tune!

Autumn Term 2021-22


Hola. This is what we are going to learn this Autumn term:


Meeting and greeting



This is our "Hola" song:


Hola, hola, buenas tardes

Hola, hola, adiós.

Buenas tardes, adiós

Buenas tardes, adiós.

Hola, hola, buenas tardes

Hola, hola, adiós.


Remember that "hola" means 'hello' and "buenas tardes" means 'good afternoon', and "adiós" means 'goodbye'.




To introduce yourself we say "me llamo" ('my name is) and your name.



Numbers 1 - 10



These are all the numbers that we are going to learn in Autumn 1 and 2. Look at the pictures and remember the actions. You will be counting in Spanish in no time!


Asking for things



"Por favor" means 'please', and "gracias" means 'thank you'. Very important words! We want to be polite, don't we?


Mr Castro

Backing track for Hola song

This is the backing track that we use in the Spanish lessons. Enjoy!

Third lockdown activities - Spring 1 - 2020/21


Hola a todos. Please find below the PowerPoint containing the lesson for this half-term. Also, you will find songs to help you practice at home. I will record a video lesson for you and post it on Seesaw by the end of the week.

This half-term we will learn to count up to 10 in Spanish!

The Vowels - Las Vocales - Calico Spanish Songs for Kids

Numbers Song in Spanish. Cancion de los Numeros.

Counting 1 to 10 Song in Spanish! Kids Learning how to Count 1 to 10 Numbers Song!

Spanish Counting Song 1-10, Spanish song for counting to ten by Miss Rosi

The School of Spanish at Home


Spring 2 - week 6


Hola, hola, buenos días. I hope you are all enjoying with your families. I will post some fun activities for you to practice at home.

Keep an eye on the Twitter account of Spanish (@ESPoppletonRoad) for upcoming updates.

If you have any questions, suggestions or want to share your work, please use our Twitter account.


Mr. Castro

Spanish Alphabet Song - BASHO & FRIENDS

We all love Basho's videos. This one is a very catchy song to learn the alphabet in Spanish. ¡Órale, Cosmo!

The Vowels - Las Vocales - Calico Spanish Songs for Kids

Sing along kids!

Fruits in Spanish for Children

The new unit for this half-term and the next is Fruits. This video is a wonderful resource for developing listening and speaking skills. Click on Play, listen and repeat.

Globos (baloons) song - Learn colors in Spanish

Spring 2




This half-term we are learning the names of some fruits in Spanish. Here they are:






We will be learning 7 more colours adding to the ones that we already learned in Spring 1:


Mariposita Song

Spring 1


Parts of the body



We will learn this singing the Spanish version of 'Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes' (although this version might be slightly different surprise).




Finally, we will start learning our first colours in Spanish:




Numbers 11 to 15


More numbers on the way!




Telling age in Spanish


This is how we do it:


Tengo (age) años


For example: I'm 4 years old = Tengo 4 años



Mr Castro

La Vaca Lola

A funny song to learn parts of the body of people and animals.

Summer 1


Ready for Summer Term? The topic this half-term is Animals and Descriptions. We will learn animal names and how to use adjectives so we can form our first full sentences in Spanish. Exciting stuff! Also, we will read a new story in Spanish called "Oso Marrón".

These are the animal names we are going to learn:




Saying how we feel


This what we say:




Mr Castro