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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2's Class Page 

On this page, you will find useful information about Year 2, homework letters and lots of links to our learning. 


We are so excited to have our new Year 2 children starting and getting to know them all.



Autumn 1: 

mail Where will they go and what will they see? mail


Our class learning will be based around pirates exploring the world and the things that they will see! We will be learning about animals and their habitats and all the different continents that pirates might visit as they sail around the world. 

Some of the main things that we will be learning about are:

  • A major focus will be Geography and will include: Maps and atlases
  • Directions and positional language
  • Our local area
  • York and other countries and cities
  • The 7 continents and 5 oceans
  • In art, we will be doing some printing
  • In RE, we will be looking at Judaism
  • In PE we will be doing both dance and learning game skills
  • In computing, we will be focusing on learning how to use the iPads and Chromebooks as well as how to use Bug Club and TT Rocks
  • In Science, we are looking at animals and habitats around the world



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What is Seesaw for Schools? 2 Minute Overview

SEESAW FOR SCHOOLS: Seesaw for Schools is our product for schools implementing Seesaw school or district wide. Learn more at http://web.seesaw.me/schools STUDENT PORTFOLIOS FROM K THROUGH 12TH: Build a comprehensive record of student learning with Seesaw for Schools. Portfolios follow students for their entire career at your school so it's possible to track progress over time.

Home Learning

During this time, we all need to remember that everyone’s health and happiness is the most important thing to us all. Yes we are providing some activities for children to do at home but we must remember that this is not home schooling. We are experiencing a worldwide emergency and we need to keep perspective and look after one another as best we can. This is, at best, home learning and in reality it’s just us all trying to do our best and keep some momentum going. 
As always, you know what will engage your child and if you decide they will not engage with a certain activity and would rather they access some of the activities through the websites we have suggested or that they just want to play in the garden, bake, paint, play games or watch TV then that is your choice and we fully support that.  The last thing we want is for you to feel guilty or stressed about not completing all the daily activities. 
We know that it is not possible to facilitate home learning with children (especially primary aged) whilst trying to work from home yourself at the same time. Please go easy on yourself and remember that when we all get back to normal we will pick up everything in school that your child needs. 
Our ideal for children at home and key worker children at school is: 
Some reading every day (there are lots of live reading sessions taking place and look out for teachers reading stories on seesaw) 
Some English- free writing, letters to friends, comics etc 
Practical and hands on Maths – this can be helping with baking, garden work etc
Physical activity every day 

Some topic work and creative work 



Useful spelling documents for Year 2 

High Frequency Word List

Time Tables


In Year 2 we will be learning 2x, 10x and 5x times tables. We will be learning lots of songs, raps and playing games to help us learn these off by heart

Here are some useful links to help you at home :) 

2 Times Tables - Have Fun Learning!

View the Kool Kidz album here (11 Songs) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUIB-dZRCiA&list=PLaSZ7kwwxKqV-jstsM-mRkpFQDaXrxP98 Follow us on Pinterest, Download a free multiplication chart/square : https://uk.pinterest.com/JaynesTables/ Kool Kidz times tables by Laugh Along and Learn help you memorize your two times table with this fun and entertaining multiplication video! Have fun learning the 2's while singing along!

Every week we will add some new activities for you to access at home. You will be able to see that your child has been placed into a group ( see group list) Please access the work for that group from the different folders. 

We would love to see how you are getting on with any activities through Seesaw so don't forget to upload anything that you would like to share . 

Don't forget to access the websites that originally acme home with your learning pack. We have added a new list with some websites and tutorials on that may help. 

As well as the work in the folders, don't forget about Bugclub, PurpleMash, Classroom Secret kids,  TT Rocks, MyMaths and  Spelling Shed that you all have log ins for. 

Websites to help with learning and online tutorials

If you are unable to print any of the resources or you just want to save on papersmiley then please just view all the resources and you can do your own version with any materials that you have or create a note or activity on Seesaw. Don't forget to share anything you do at home via your new Seesaw home learning page